Prepare your organization for virtual learning tools

Adobe Connect
Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015, 10:00 AM

Virtual classroom technologies are not new—in fact, there are people in your organization using them right now for training, webinars and meetings. But are you ready to make an organization-wide move to give up face-to-face training sessions and programs for virtual, online sessions, or is the prospect too daunting? Do members of your organization see virtual training as a poor substitute for “real classroom” training?

Times have changed. Hardware and network infrastructures are better than they were just 5 years ago. Workers have become more web savvy, and virtual classroom tools such as Adobe Connect provide state-of-the-art software to engage learners wherever in the world they are sitting.  But moving your training programs online requires careful consideration and planning.  It’s not free and it’s definitely not simple.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience helping organizations successfully adopt virtual classroom tools for learning programs, Karen Hyder will share with you the questions and answers you need to prepare for and deliver training that is as good or better than face-to-face sessions.

-    Discuss ways to maximize the advantages and overcome the objections of virtual classroom experiences
-    List considerations for your team; your trainers, your designers, your learners and your support staff
-    Identify key elements of a rock solid implementation plan
-    Explore real-life case studies of online training programs

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