Bank Trainers Conference 2016: Tools and Methods for Adapting Traditional Classroom Training to Live, Virtual Online Sessions

May 18-20, 2016
Hyatt Regency – Riverwalk
San Antonio, Texas

…with Pre-Conference Workshops Beginning May 17th

Tools and Methods for Adapting Traditional Classroom Training to Live, Virtual Online Sessions

If it’s going to work in a virtual classroom, your traditional face-to-face training content needs a makeover. A virtual session is more than a lecture with uploaded PowerPoint slides. Live virtual sessions leverage the engagement tools in the software and compel learners to participate throughout the learning event. But engagement doesn’t happen on its own, it requires good lesson and course design and a lot of practice.

Whether you want to enhance a few classes by adding follow-up webinars to face-to-face sessions, or you want to completely transform live training classes in the physical classroom to live training classes in the virtual classroom, you’ll get a toolkit of resources and a strategy to get the job done. Bring your own makeover projects and learn to design solutions that leave your learners and team members impressed and eager to see more.

In this session you will:

– Assess the adaption of traditional classroom design for virtual classroom delivery

– Identify what an effective online learning session looks like–and what makes it successful

– Identify ways to visually and instructionally improve your virtual training materials

– Leverage a storyboard template to organize and document the details of your lesson plan

– Design interactions for your chosen virtual classroom software

– Explore multiple techniques to engage learners by integrating resources inside and alongside the virtual classroom

– Learn how to archive your lessons for later delivery

Participants are encouraged to bring a wireless-enabled laptop or smart device to this session in order to login and participate through Adobe Connect virtual classroom software in addition to participating in the physical conference room.  The instructors will provide login details when you arrive.

Presenters – Karen Hyder, Principal – Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting       Melissa Chambers – MSC Consulting

Karen Hyder has been teaching trainer-training programs for virtual classes and coaching online presenters since 1999. She has produced hundreds of online sessions, including for The eLearning Guild’s Online Forums, Thought Leaders Webinars, and “Best of” Webinars. Karen uses the trainer competencies of CompTIA’s Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) to help technical trainers and subject-matter experts prepare for online sessions, master online presentation skills, and engage learners throughout sessions. She frequently speaks at industry events on using virtual classroom tools to support learning. Karen co-authored The eLearning Guild’s Handbook on Synchronous eLearning, and authored Up and Running with WebEx Training Center for

Melissa Chambers is an online instructional specialist at MSC Consulting and a contract speaker coach/host for The eLearning Guild’s Online Forums and Guild Academy. Melissa has over 19 years’ experience in creative media production, project and change management, online instructional design, and eLearning strategy development, and has been designing, producing, and coaching for synchronous online programs since 2002. She holds a master’s degree in instructional design for online learning, and has spearheaded award-winning programs in eLearning, process improvement, and strategic development. Melissa has a passion for lifelong learning, technology, cultivating creativity, and having fun while working.


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