Behind the Screens: Secrets to Successful Synchronous Online Events

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Just about anyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and a headset can produce and lead a virtual class, webinar, or other synchronous online event. Solid instructional design and good presentation skills will certainly help make these events effective, enjoyable, and successful, but challenges almost inevitably arise: Several of your participants can’t log in, no one responds to your carefully designed polls, your Internet connection drops just as you’re about to start the event, or that video … just … won’t … play.

Join us as we talk with three experts on designing and producing successful synchronous online events. Karen, Melissa, and Tammy are part of the team that has been producing The eLearning Guild’s Online Forums and various webinars for over a decade, they lead several Guild Academy courses on online-event design and production, and they have worked through just about every challenge to a successful online event imaginable. We’ll review several of these real-life challenges, discuss how we can meet these challenges with grace and ease, and learn what really happened.

Anyone involved with designing, producing, or leading synchronous online events, regardless of experience level.

Session recording

Karen Hyder
Kaleidoscope Training and Consulting

Tammy Olson
Global Virtual Learning Leader

Melissa Chambers
Online Instructional Specialist
MSC Consulting

Using an Event Producer to Ensure the Success of Your Online Events

DevLearn 2014
October 29–31, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

If you find running online sessions difficult, and you and your learners waste time setting up activities and solving technical problems, you’re not alone. Even the most experienced online presenters can struggle to manage the software and deliver a clear message at the same time. An online session producer can provide the structure and support that allow presenters to stay focused on content and keep learners engaged.

Participants in this session will discover why it is not practical for a single person to manage all the elements of a webinar. You’ll learn how working with a producer, who can manage the technology and troubleshooting, frees the presenter to focus on the content and on the learners. Join this session to find out how producers ensure successful virtual online sessions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to handle typical virtual session disasters
  • How to identify solutions to mitigate or solve problems
  • Which problems are best solved by the presenter and which by the producer
  • About the producer role in The eLearning Guild’s Online Forums

Beginner and intermediate; participants should have experience with webinars.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe Connect, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and GoToWebinar.