Testimonials — See what clients are saying about Karen in the classroom

As a seasoned trainer, I’ve long known what techniques work in class, but I haven’t known why. Karen Hyder’s class helped me understand how people learn differently, and that has really helped make sure I get the message across.

To teach using traditional military procedures, we work with task, condition and standard, black-and-white steps. In Karen’s class, I learned that, by throwing a little color in, I can bring a class to life. I’ve learned to pause longer after asking questions so that students can think about their answers, which really brings them to attention. Also, some students respond well to physical demonstrations that allow them to see and touch a process for themselves. It gives them an experience they can hang on to.

For anybody who stands up in front of a group and presents an idea, a sales pitch or training, Karen’s class is very valuable. I’m using everything I learned, and I’m getting more positive feedback than I ever have.
— Bill Palmer, site manager and systems administrator, Dekatron Inc. Fort Lee, VA
Kaleidoscope’s train the trainer course has both confirmed and refined my skills. Since the class, I’ve broken the habit of talking too much and instead am engaging students more with questions. I’ve also sharpened my ability to stimulate and involve students who are at different levels. In Karen’s class, I learned how to quickly identify the most proficient students and to give them permission to contribute their own experiences. By encouraging student contributions, more of the learners’ needs are met, and we all keep the class moving along.

Karen has a real gift. She is very professional, accessible and credible, an excellent trainer who personifies the skills and principles she’s teaching. The ICARE framework developed by Kaleidoscope is more sensible and realistic than other training approaches I’ve seen.

A lot of light bulbs went on for me in Karen’s class. I’d recommend her to *any* trainer who wants to take their skills up a notch!
— Claudia McCue, owner Practicalia Atlanta, GA
Working with Karen has brought about a dramatic shift in my attitude toward training. I have I learned that it is not my job to control the class environment or to attempt to deliver all that I know.

Instead, I’ve learned to make friends at the start of the class; to do what I can to make students comfortable; and to give students some control, such as negotiating the agenda, agreeing on break times and encouraging them to contribute their knowledge and experience. I’ve also learned to use the ‘parking lot’ rather than try to answer every question as it arises, and to rely on the energy of the group rather than empty myself.

The content that Karen delivered and her personal style made it possible for me to learn the theory quickly and apply what I learned immediately. I realised that not only did I enjoy delivery, but I could be better at it, and that gave me more confidence. Karen’s course was a life-changing event for me.
— Lynne Perry Content Master Ltd. United Kingdom
Every student has a different need, a different skill level and a different reason for being in a training class. Working with Karen Hyder helped me determine how to figure out those differing needs and tailor my classes on the fly so that every student gets what he or she came for.

Since I launched my business after taking Karen’s class, business is booming, and I am getting all kinds of teaching jobs. The class was awesome, and I can see why Microsoft wants the trainers to go through it. It really pays off!
— John Salter, founder SNT Inc. contract training Fort Knox, KY
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin