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“Karen is the best in the industry 
for coaching online presenters 
and running online events.”

— Heidi M. Fisk, co-founder, 
The eLearning Guild


Ready to improve your skills
in live, online training?
You’ve come to the right place!

For more than 20 years, Karen Hyder has been coaching presenters to online success, delivering expert virtual-classroom training, and managing the behind-the-scenes “magic” that creates a smooth-running event.

A published author with a global presence, Karen brings her unique blend of experience, tech savvy, empathy and gentle humor to help even the most timid trainer look good and feel confident while presenting online and simultaneously managing event technology.
Karen guides classroom trainers every step of the way, from adapting materials for live online sessions to serving as your session producer before and during your live events. You’ll quickly learn how you can be an effective producer, too — assisting both trainer and learners while anticipating and averting the inevitable technology mishaps. 

Have you found yourself facing
any of these scenarios?

■ Do you need help engaging learners you can’t see?
■ When you ask questions, do you find that no one responds?

■ Are you a subject-matter expert who needs help overcoming the obstacles to presenting online?

■ Are you a manager who needs to get your training and event-production teams up to speed quickly?  
■ Are you preparing for CompTIA CTT+ certification?

■ Do you struggle to keep the technology cooperating throughout the session while also staying on        schedule and achieving learning objectives?



Contact Karen today. Be amazed 
at how quickly
you’ll achieve your goals! 

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