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Curt Valmy, chief communicator,
OM-Tech Learning

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“Since the early 2000s, Karen has been a leading force in positively transitioning the industry from classroom to virtual training. More than most trainers at that time, she was articulating how specific classroom techniques could be reimagined to succeed in a distance environment 

by using technology in even more innovative ways to engage learners, create meaningful interactions, and achieve learning objectives.”


“Karen listens deeply to her clients to best understand their needs, goals, and objectives. She collaborates with them to create clear agreements, which often encourage them to embrace a more ambitious vision. 

"People appreciate Karen's professionalism and authenticity. She has a genuine passion for making learning enjoyable and successful for all."

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Beth Walker Wooten, M.Ed., Hearing First LLC

“When I began working with Karen, I discovered that my in-person facilitation skills did not automatically translate to an online space. I have since learned that, when I let go of some control and trust Karen, I discover her head-full of ideas that I didn’t even know existed.


“I’ve also learned that it’s OK if I’m not yet super-comfy in the online classroom, because Karen is, and that’s enough to make online learning a smashing success. Her gentle but clear coaching supports me and the learners from prep to wrap.


“Karen will lead you to love your
online classrooms!”

Patti Shank, Ph.D., CPT, author and president, Learning Peaks LLC

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“Before working with Karen, I would have muddled through a synchronous online presentation, functioning at about a 3. Now I’m at an 8 or 9 and enjoying the praise of colleagues. With Karen’s help, I’ve been able to perform well in a stressful situation — working simultaneously with 200 learners in person and 200 online.

"Karen’s method creates the best possible instructional experience. She offers her ideas and helps me tap into my ideas about challenges such as stimulating the participation of learners I can’t see. She then allows me to tweak her ideas so that they become my own.

"Most important, Karen does whatever it takes to make me look good and be successful.”

Heidi M. Fisk, co-founder, The eLearning Guild

“Karen was critical to The eLearning Guild’s success over nearly 20 years in developing a broad, in-depth array of online programs. We pioneered new approaches and formats that nobody else in the industry was doing. Building on Karen’s expertise and innovation, the Guild modeled the best in online learning. … Rather than the one-hour, dry, 'infomercial' course that was common at the time, Karen inspired us to explore how online platforms could be used as an instructional tool. We pioneered and developed an income-generating model that provided an excellent learning structure.”

“Karen is the best in the industry for online event production and online coaching. ... She doesn’t hold back; she’s always learning and honing her skills, and then she selflessly
passes that on to the people
she works with.”




“Karen served on the advisory committee that helped CompTIA enhance the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification. Years before webinars became popular, Karen had a vision for how virtual-classroom training would grow, and she pushed CompTIA to expand CTT+ from classroom training only to encompass the virtual model, which we launched in 2008. Today, most instructors are expected to deliver in both physical and virtual classrooms.”

“Karen continues to support CTT+ by presenting at conferences, and using the CTT+ domains in her own work to ensure adherence to our quality standards. She also has coached and trained CompTIA’s people in developing their own presentation skills, and has presented to our customers and prospects.”

"Every candidate for CTT+ certification must design and present a video that is then scored by external, unbiased judges. Karen was very influential in shaping that approach."  

Tazneen Kasem, director, Product Management,
CompTIA Inc.


Mike Smoczyk, director of education,
Kraus-Anderson Construction Co.

“Karen's strengths include asking thoughtful questions, listening and thinking, and then proposing very good solutions for what instructors are trying to communicate and accomplish. Among the people she coached for us were four veteran project managers — seasoned, LEED-certified content experts. Afterward, each came to me independently and reported that their work with Karen was one of the best interactions they’d ever had.”

mike smoczyk.jpg

Gary VanAntwerp,

VP, communities, and 
executive producer, webinars, Lakewood
Media Group


“I’ve never met anyone who can match Karen’s depth of skill and understanding in both presenting and coaching. Her gift is in executing those skills herself and in helping develop them in others. Many presenters just think about their slides and what they want to say, not how to engage the audience. But Karen coaches presenters to encourage audience behavior that helps the audience grasp and synthesize the message. Karen’s expertise in creating more interactive and engaging web-based learning experiences has been a great resource to our 15,000 members who are transitioning to virtual communities.”

allison rossett 1.jpg

Dr. Allison Rossett, professor emerita of educational technology,
San Diego State University

“Karen is no-nonsense. She assessed my familiarity with a new distance-learning system and did not overdo her ministrations to me. Some trainers are too focused on their rules and regulations. Karen got the job done quickly and well, with no fuss or bother.”

Stephen Haskin, chief creator, Industrial Strength Learning

“The best thing I got from Karen was equilibrium, necessary for coordinating one’s own thoughts and actions along with the needs and questions of unseen learners.

”Karen excels where most trainers do not: She listens and adapts her teaching to what her students need and are ready to hear. She doesn’t put an advanced student through a basic course. ... Because she’s very open, Karen is better at finding receptivity in students so that real learning can take place. She understands that the student is more important than her ego.”

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