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Why use a producer
for an online session?
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Unless your sessions are already 100% flawless, you’ll benefit from engaging a producer — a professional whose experience in running virtual-classroom sessions will make any facilitator look and sound as polished as possible.

If you’re new to online presenting, a producer will help you avoid rookie mistakes. But even an experienced presenter needs a producer — someone to guide him or her to stay focused, deliver clear messages, and engage successfully with participants.

An effective producer: 

1. Provides structure and content for the session. She or he presents the intro, ground rules, survey, and content between presentations — which might include tips and reminders.  A producer supports the presenter by adapting content, drafting micro scripts, and modifying activities. She or he manages the wrap-up and follow-up. 

2. Knows the software. She or he relieves the burden on the facilitator to be an expert in the virtual-classroom platform and related software. 

3. Is a skilled coach and master of online presentation skills. Drawing from his or her expertise, a producer shares tutorials, best practices, and easy-to-apply tips that reduce stress and streamline the presenter’s job. 

4. Provides in-session technical support to both presenter and participants. By agreeing in advance to control the interactive tools, the producer lightens the presenter’s load. Ever vigilant, the producer responds quickly and discreetly as distractions and technical issues arise. The producer calms the presenter by texting encouragement and time checks. 

5. Insists on thorough preparation. An effective producer plans the session in advance and conducts trial runs. She or he assumes that everything that can go wrong will — and stands ready to address those glitches. 

Ready to learn how a producer can help you up your game? Give me a call! 585.370.2341!

Updated 3.30.20

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